Compliance – Vulnerability Scanners, Risk Assessment, and Incident Management

Understanding Compliance Vulnerability Scanners

Navigating the Complexities of Security Compliance with Confidence

Empowering Security

  • Proactive Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment Solutions
  • Swift Response, Seamless Recovery

Tenable – Security Center

Tenable Network Security, known for its Nessus product line, specializes in developing vulnerability detection systems. The company offers a wide range of solutions for continuous monitoring and vulnerability analysis, attack detection, event correlation and collection, user activity monitoring, and system failures affecting the information security of the corporate network. 

R-vision – SOAR

The R-Vision Incident Response Platform provides control over the state of IT infrastructure, consolidates information about all cybersecurity incidents into a unified database (corporate SOC), coordinates the activities of the response team, distributes tasks, and tracks completed incident response measures. This allows for the organization and automation of monitoring activities and prompt response to cybersecurity incidents, significantly enhancing the capabilities of the internal team in countering cyber-attacks. 

Netwrix – Auditor

Reduce the risk to your critical assets by identifying your top data and infrastructure security gaps and exposing loose permissions. Ensure timely detection and response to threats by setting up alerts with automated response actions and performing faster and more accurate investigations.