SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) – Collection, Analysis, and Correlation of System Events

Collection, Analysis, and Correlation.Essential Steps in Data-driven Insights

Empowering Protection Through Collection, Analysis, and Correlation of System Events

The Essence of SIEM

  • Your Shield Against Emerging Threats
  • Seamless Monitoring, Swift Response
  • Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence

Splunk – SIEM

Splunk Enterprise Security is a security information and event management system that provides a detailed view of machine data generated by various security technologies (network, endpoints, access, malware, vulnerabilities, and credentials). With Splunk Enterprise Security, security professionals can quickly detect internal and external attacks and take appropriate actions. 

Energy Logserver – SIEM

Energy Logserver, through its built-in vulnerability detection module and the use of best practices defined in the CIS, allows to audit monitored environment for security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or outdated software versions. File Integrity Monitoring functionality allows for detailed monitoring and alerting of unauthorized access attempts to most sensitive data.