Load Balancing – Load balancing different types of traffic

Strategies for Load Balancing Diverse Traffic Types

Optimizing Performance Across Varied Network Demands

Mastering Load Balancing for Diverse Traffic Types

  • Tailor Your Traffic Flow for Maximum Efficiency
  • Precision Load Balancing for All Your Data Needs
  • Navigate Complex Traffic with Ease

Citrix – NetScaler

Load balancing distributes network traffic among multiple application servers based on an optimization algorithm. Thus, load balancing helps enhance application performance and availability. The Citrix load balancer comes in the form of an application delivery controller (ADC) that can be installed on both cloud platforms and datacenters.

Fortinet – FortiADC

FortiADC enhances the scalability, performance, and security of your applications whether they are hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Our advanced application delivery controller optimizes application performance and availability while securing the application with both its native security tools and by integrating application delivery into the Fortinet Security Fabric.