Secrets Management – Protection and Management of Application Access

Ensure secure access to applications with effective secrets management solutions.

Ensuring Confidentiality and Integrity in Digital Environments

Secure Secrets Management: Safeguarding Application Access

  • Shielding Access Points from Unauthorized Intrusion
  • Empowering Applications with Ironclad Protection
  • Elevating Security Standards in the Digital Realm

CyberArk – Secrets Management

Secrets Management implements control, management, and auditing of privileged access technology accounts for applications, scripts, containers, and DevOps within the company.

Delinea – DevOps Secrets Vault

Delinea provides protection for every secret and privileged object within the enterprise, regardless of their location – whether they are in on-premises systems, multi-cloud environments, or devices, by embedding security controls into the most vulnerable layers: Cloud, Code, Data, and Devices.