MFA – Multifactor Authentication

Understanding Multifactor Authentication Strengthening Security Through Multiple Layers

Strengthening Access Control for Maximum Protection

Multifactor Authentication

  • Empowering Your Security, Layer by Layer.
  • Unlocking Peace of Mind, One Factor at a Time.
  • Fortify Your Defenses with Multifactor Confidence.

Multifactor KZ – MFA

Multifactor is a multi-factor authentication system for websites, Linux servers, Windows servers, virtualization systems, clouds, Exchange, VPNs, VDI, and many corporate applications. It seamlessly integrates into any process and verifies the authenticity of your users using the most modern and secure authentication methods.

Fortinet – FortiAuthenticator

FortiAuthenticator provides identity and access management (IAM) services to prevent breaches resulting from unauthorized users gaining access to a network or inappropriate levels of access granted to valid users. FortiAuthenticator ensures only the right person can access your sensitive resources and data at the right time.

Thales – SafeNet

Thales allows organizations to meet the IT challenges of cloud, mobility, and escalating threats with authentication management platforms that offer flexible and simplified service delivery, and which address numerous use cases with the broadest range of authentication methods and tokens.